ep.5 pg.29

Ep.5 Pg.29

Back again!

Reminder that I now have a STORE full of zines, a Patreon that will be sending out the next wave of postcard prints next month, and that, despite my better judgment, I am often posting things on Twitter.

I also recently did some art for a very good and informative zine written by Samantha Puc, on speaking out against fatphobia, which has a starting price of $0. I’ve TRULY appreciated (and been completely gobsmacked) by the volume of donations the zine has received. All donations go to Sam and I continuing to write and make things, so they have been incredibly helpful!

I still need to sort out a new mirror for the comic, but I got sick and it took all my energy this week just to draw goblins and finish the update on time. So! You know the drill, stay tuned to this bat channel.

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  1. Lysander says:

    Oh cool. I was slightly confused for a moment, but then when I saw she had both her eyes I realized this was a flashback inside of a flashback. Nice!

    I’m really enjoying this series. Excited to see where it will go next.

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