ep.6 pg.14

Ep.6 Pg.14

Yeah about that arm pain. I’ve been in physical therapy for a month, after Several months of off-and-on unmanageable pain.

I want to focus on building up a buffer, but I was also very excited about ACTUALLY FINISHING A PAGE so here is one, for now.
Next update: ????

When last we saw our heroes, this nice lady from The Foundation for the Study of Infernal Nobility was telling Sinh about the pressure the Foundation has been under to fix a demon problem interfering with a planned renovation of St. Idris’ Cathedral.

As always, more about what’s going on with me and the comic over on Patreon. Buffer pages will go up there as they get done, and I’ll decide to start updating regularly again when my arm is in a more stable place. Believe me, it’s frustrating! But things are definitely looking more hopeful.

Thanks for reading!


8 responses to “Ep.6 Pg.14”

  1. Space says:

    Sinh looks so tired :(((

  2. Iska says:

    AAAA NEW PAGE!!! Happy to hear you’re taking care of yourself and (hopefully) seeing some progress with PT, take as much time as you need with that buffer, can’t wait to see you back as you recover!! <3

  3. Loki~ says:

    Ah it’s so wonderful to see a new update. I hope your physical therapy went well and I hope that both you and Sinh can get some rest 💚

  4. Jae says:

    Oh my, what sort of deals will have to be made this time!

    Very glad to hear you’re doing okay, and I know i’m happy to wait until you’re back to your regular (old or new)!

  5. Zuki says:

    I just discovered the indulgent DELIGHT that is Job Satisfaction today and believe me, binging this has been a balm to my weary spirit stuck in coach on a 20-hour train. Connie’s story just sings when you read it all in one go and I wish the best for her and her friends and their band.

    I hope your arm is well!

  6. Ren says:

    This is like the fourth time I’ve read this all the way through. I love it sm. Hope your arm is doing better <3

    • Prawnlegs says:

      HEY this comment arrived on a day when I was feeling absolutely miserable and I really needed it. Thank you so much. Shoulder still is Bad but I’m not giving up! Hope you’re having a good one out there stranger.

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