ep.5 pg.28

Ep.5 Pg.28

Whoa hey, remember Job Satisfaction?

In the time I spent faceplanted into hiatus, SmackJeeves overhauled their whole everything into a Webtoons style format, so it’s… not really a usable mirror for JS anymore! As of right now I’m only updating here, while I figure out where else to post the comic.

While I was gone I also opened a store! There are some JS-related things there, including the first two entries in a series of character pinup zines. I’m just saying. They’re small and cute.

I’m on Twitter if you you want to follow for more frequent JS news (and also me talking about other webcomics and gay hobbits and stuff).
There’s also  Patreon, where I post occasional behind the scenes stuff and have a quarterly postcard & newsletter club.

I think that’s about it! Now enjoy the tunes.

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  1. Bow says:

    So excited to see an update!! 🙂

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