ep.6 pg.8

Ep.6 Pg.8

I have never been more excited to write a NAME.

Almost out of this flashback! We return to Now next Friday.


4 responses to “Ep.6 Pg.8”

  1. Eightfish says:

    Just read through the comic! Great work, I really like your art style and how distinct and interesting and distinct all the character designs are. And the background and world, too. Everything meshes together into this great look, and it’s getting even better in these new pages. Like, what a lovely color scheme on this one!

    I found your characters all likable and I look forward to seeing how all of them continue to interact in the future, particularly Sinh/Lemme and Constance. I bookmarked the comic and will be checking back~

    • Prawnlegs says:

      aaaAaa thank you so much for reading and commenting, it made my day! I’m working on getting some buffer under my belt, but I’m hoping I can resume updating in a week or two. Lemme will be back soon!

  2. Nineeyes says:

    A friend just linked me this like, an hour ago and i just read it all. Definitely seconding everything Eightfish said, a spectacular beginning and i cant wait to see more. Also this is probably dreadful but I took one look at Lemme and she immediately had the voice of griffin mcelroy. There’s no rational explanation for this, but there it is.

  3. Tab Kimpton says:

    Just read through today, really enjoying it!

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