ep.5 pg.32

Ep.5 Pg.32

FINALLY had some time to finish this up, holy moly, can’t stop to catch my breath lately.

For those in the audience who don’t know: Yes, it is a real thing.


2 responses to “Ep.5 Pg.32”

  1. Lysander says:

    Yay, wrestling! I wonder what her stage name would be. Guess it would depend on if she was a solo or tag team type.

  2. Jim Rogers says:

    got here via yr ‘so I heard you like nonbinary characters’ graphic and read through to here in one ill-advised sitting. this story is definitely filling some gaps for me gendermediawise and I’m sure you hear this a lot but I love the intentional way you’ve both subtly and blatantly indicated a big range of gender experiences, and the depiction of the everyday of being visibly ‘other’ when it’s not, like, a huge dramatic deal necessarily, just cis / white / straight people being weird to you (which I hadn’t realised I hadn’t seen a lot of!)… tl;dr I’m enjoying this a lot and excited to read more!

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