ep.5 pg.20

Ep.5 Pg.20

Got some familiar faces here for those who have been around a while, plus one for everybody else.

It’s almost June and that means I’m about to open a new tier on Patreon! Check back tomorrow to see what it’s all about.


4 responses to “Ep.5 Pg.20”

  1. Holly Greenfield says:

    Such gorgeous color in the sky!!

  2. lemons says:

    at first I thought that Constance was drinking a can of tomatoes, not ashing into it, and I was just like “well…………sure, I’d murder a can of sweet peas, so why not”

  3. Bow says:

    I am loving the realism of that detail that I have never seen acknowledged before (vegetarianism as something someone would want to do but not have access..) I love these bits that bring your story into the real world so much farther than so much media has been afraid to go. Thank you for your comic.

  4. notStanley says:

    first pass through the archives: “vegetarian, when can afford it” — Sad that whole, healthier, foods are so much more difficult than the processed stuff.

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